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Whirlibird, I don’t see as likely that an attack on the grid will be simultaneous over the whole nation. For something like that to happen, it would most likely be the Government itself that would do it. I don’t think that any private group of Americans, let alone foreign commandos can pull off anything of that scope. I don’t dispute that a local attack, or four or five of them, can take place; and the weight of the population affected would then be “carried” by the resources of the surrounding area.

As to World War III, this is the closest we have been to it within my lifetime. I do see it as a possibility. The U.S. is hell-bent on owning the planet’s resources and, for example, is shooting its way all over Africa to get them. Where the Chinese go to Africa to buy minerals and agricultural land, the U.S. just BANGS its way in. Think of Mali last year. The French were retaking their old colony, and the U.S. jumped on the bandwagon — I still don’t know with what ridiculous pretext. It made me sick to see it; I had commercial dealings with Mali in the 1970’s, and it was a wretchedly poor country; the people did not have the means to develop their own mineral riches. What was done was a crime. I was amazed that the Malian army put up the fight that it did — brave soldiers. At present, only Russia, China and Iran still have vast mineral and other wealth and the means to resist being raped. So the U.S. will do what it takes to break them and achieve world control. It’s hard to believe that Putin and Lavrov are still doing their utmost to use diplomacy to defuse the situation but, as the American aggression gets more and more blatant, I doubt that they can hold back. Can you imagine the U.S. holding back if the Russians were setting up missile bases in Canada and Mexico and sponsoring an armed uprising of Quebec against the Ottawa government? It will only be by a miracle that war will be averted. Does God have any reason to procure one?

On a lighter note, and getting back to specific urban and rural survival, have you seen the British 1984 movie “Threads”? I think it gives a pretty accurate view of what will happen in nuclear war. The movie is on YouTube. You can pick up many tips: don’t try to reach your hideout in the country, for cops will block the way; politicians will be safely underground, hoarding and enjoying all available food; it will not be the right time to get married, much less to father a child; people will quarrel over deck chairs right up to the instant the Titanic sinks …