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Um the worlds owners do not want it to stop asking the puppets(politicians) to stop is like yelling at puppets in a play asking them to change the story. We are owned with a cage of wants desires and debt. Most are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get of the entitlement parade.

The owners will not let management change without fight.. you have the illusion of choice when there really is none. Think in grocery store 1000’s of brands 6 real owners. political 2-3 parties on average…. yet always same result. WHY? Freedom to choose among choices given to you, free to do what you wish as long as you dont think about anything other than what choices are given. True free thought is a danger to the owners and if that happens well you get…..

Whirl the naive thoughts i have not interfered with anyone therefore i am innocent is a laughable statement. it is like being part of a club and saying well as part of this i am not responsible for the actions of the club nor am i responsible for its policy. Being part of ANY group means for good or bad you will be tared with same brush.

you think the Libyans who are just hard working trying to survive had amnesty from the fighting and bombing?

China owns your debt, 2 trillion in cash and securities.. how are you going to pay that debt? They are buying up the USA at crazy bargain basement prices. sure dont buy their stuff… you forget china could absorb all it produces for 5 years and not even raise their standard of living10% while USA would fall apart. if you defaulted on debt and dont have ability to actually balance a budget because the owners dont want that you will borrow money from who? maybe print more? who is going to take it?

Remember BRICS for all these years how have you treated them? Oh thats right like the poor cousins that are tolerated… and you think they wont harbor any bad feelings? You just finished saying “China wants to impose sanctions, so much for their biggest importer. Who do you think is gonna hurt more from the loss of cheap junk products?” yeah like that will happen without further losses to their willingness to help you because you always help a person who has not repaid your first loan….right

While not one common person is “responsible” for this we all are because our silence implies consent. Think carefully when being included in a group for good or bad you are tied together. How may of you belong to organized religion? there are tenants in each faith about forgiveness but when someone does something “bad” over and over does anyone in your religion say anything? think how many leaders are “religious”? That’s right ALL OF THEM. Yet the churches they belong to are proud they have such esteemed members…hypocritical NO?