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MountinBiker – Thank you, although I don’t know how wise I am! I don’t have children. From a very young age I never felt compelled to reproduce. Could never visualize myself in that role. What I have always been was a very good planner and big picture person; although as an international finance major I also see details easily. Since my late 20’s I have always felt it important I plan for a ‘teaching’ farm and school. And, in my late 40’s for some reason, to talk to wealthy landowners around here and take long-term, first options on their land to rent for growing crops or running cattle and sheep (which I got at silly cheap rates) it – land they just like to look at and have someone currently bushhog or mow. They don’t think I am nuts now. I am running cattle on a bunch of different farms now. (Beef herds are at all time historic low in this country) We are not in a really drought prone area (and land is generally well watered); and, in the mid-atlantic have historically very fertile land here in the foothills. I think I will be helping to teach others how to grow food – and lots of it. Probably others will teach other skills with my place as a base? Haha – might be sooner than later as I am getting older every day! I think Vermont and NH will be fine (as opposed to other areas of the country). Don’t grill me on that – it is just my gut intuition speaking. In my world, believing as I do, I believe we all choose our time, place and people/life we are born into in order to best learn the lessons our souls need to learn; and, serve with our innate abilities best we may. So, don’t worry so much (would be my view) about your kids and grandkids – their souls knew what they were signing up for before they arrived. That you prepared for them will help ensure they can best accomplish their goals and tasks set before them before birth. Kudos to you.

Freedom! Haha. I don’t feel prepared! Do we ever?