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Like MountainBiker where I am is where I will be although I do have a Plan B and a Plan C.Chuckle. But since Plan A still takes up much of my time…they aren’t as far along in being more fully realized. Plan B is to have another ‘bug out’ place on my property, away from the main dwelling, that can be used should the main dwelling be either taken over or damaged by natural causes. This is now 1/2 way finished this summer using a large, existing run-in as a base. Plan C is for the same, on a nearby friends land that is an even higher elevation, a bit more remote and generally more difficult normal access. That I have only succeeded in building a platform for a large tent, cleared an area for a small garden, a small concealed shed built into the hillside with a small cache of supplies and installed/made sure a mini-micro hydro in the stream will be operational if needed. At the moment I feel fortunate to say I could reach either place fairly quickly on foot, Plan C in about 1 hour. Hopefully, should the time come I could ride one of my horses to Plan C on a course I now know well and if fortune would continue to smile on me, pack the draft/cross with additional supplies. That’s all I got.