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These are excellent ideas, thank you Elijah! I’m finding it a little difficult to figure out which possible scenario to use to approach the subject, and have found myself hoping a summer storm might knock out power for a while to segue the conversation. The amusing irony is another of my “home requirements” when searching to buy property was buried electric lines, so that might be out the window. I’ll definitely figure out a way to approach the subject in the coming months.

This is my first planting season here as well, so I’m still adjusting to what areas get full sun, what get partial, and what is 100% shade. I was able to clear out a good bit of the 15+ years of backyard overgrowth with good old fashioned shovel digging (focusing more on clearing and transplanting perennial herbs/edible flowers from my old house this year), so by next year I should have a good grasp on where to put food crops, along with plenty of space for it. The front and side yard gardens will hopefully be next summer – it’s always a process, but there is nothing like coming home after a long day and digging in the dirt!