Amanda11, perhaps you can casually steer the conversation with your neighbors around to subjects like H. Katrina or a power failure or house fire that has happened to someone else, and how good it is to have some essentials on standby, “just in case”. Many people can see the sense when prepping is presented in what I call a Level One Plan, without them even being aware they are prepping.

This is advice I often give to those who might be afraid of worst case scenarios that preppers often think about. Most people don’t like to be frightened, or think about worst-case scenarios. But they often can see the sense of having some extra food and meds, some bottled water, extra pet food and toilet paper, toiletries and tampons, some batteries and torches [flashlights], and some ready cash and fuel. This level of prepping can help people through a temporary hump, which is the more likely sort of crisis that happens to people.

If more people would become prepared even to just this level, law and order would be less likely to break down so quickly when something goes wrong.

Bugs Bunny: "I speak softly, but I carry a big stick."
Yosemite Sam: "Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD! and I carry a BIGGER stick! and I use it, too!" BAM!