In further response to Dreamerhps:

July 24, 2014

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” http://www.holylove.org

“Dear children, it is a grave matter for anyone to try to re-define sin in order to draw wandering sheep back into the fold. Sin is sin and the Truth of sin will never change to appease consciences. It is false consciences that must change to abide in the Truth. This is the way back to peace in hearts and peace in the world.”

“This generation has fallen away from the Truth of an Omnipotent God – His Mercy and His Justice. The ones caught up in moral degeneration live as though there is no accountability for any type of sin. The world encourages this error by legalizing sin.”

“I have come to tell you My Son’s Arm of Justice grows heavier by the minute. Amend your lives. Make clearly known My Words to you today. Call upon the God of Mercy. Restore order to your world through Truth.”