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You can’t convince people of anything. They must convince themselves. What is ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ to me is not necessarily ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ to another. There are some well-funded, active groups that are doing what they can to provide people the opportunity to educate themselves, Chris Martenson’s group ‘Peak Prosperity’ and their new, updated ‘Crash Course’ is the best I can think of off the top of my head. It’s free. Some here might want to take the time and watch it. And, you can volunteer, and set up and hold showings of it as well if you feel so inclined. The key, however, is ‘provide people the opportunity to educate themselves’. I dare say most don’t care and would take umbrage with even this well-thought out and non-threatening (as it could possibly be presented) series.

While I well understand the frustration of wanting to take concrete action, and DO something …well about a lot of things that are now going on in this country…I have yet to see or feel called to any specific action or group. Different people have different roles to play on the blue planet. IMHO. Just as a colony of bees, some are workers, some are drones, some are called to be Queens. Myself? I do not feel called to proselytize to a broader, apparently deaf population.That is not my role. I am, for the time being, content and well occupied, doing what I am doing and; starting from where I am, letting the small little ripples of influence I may be able to affect go forward from my activities. What I am doing, in striving to be more self-sufficient speaks for itself to those that come into my sphere…and from their questions and conversations often do develop. Like attracts like is a universal law, again in my opinion. Those who have arrived at a certain mind set that come to interact with me? We are drawn together for a reason and I let my actions and life style speak for me until the other person feels compelled to question me themselves for my motivations. I have no interest in banging my head against a wall trying to educate the masses. If, for no other reason than I think it is a lost cause.

Someone is in charge of this universe of ours in which our blue planet travels. Define that how you like. I have no doubt that there will be presented the perfect time and the perfect venue for like minded folks to stand up together and, well, take a stand. It hasn’t happened yet. Unlike many, despite the overall sad state of affairs I feel exists in our country today, I do not feel a sense of hopelessness that the country I grew up in is gone forever, or that I will never know it again. I think that time and events and the strong hand of whomever runs the world and has the real power to influence our future fate has yet to speak above a whisper.