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Novus Ordo wrote:

I like silver better than gold – but I like food and ammo better than either of these. Probably pick up a couple hundred bucks in junk coins, but until I get my preps done to my satisfaction I won’t be spending any on PM. I believe that the only ones that will be asking for PM will be those that already have all they need or think they need to survive. Now, for the rebuild after the fact and a possible investment, then PM has a much better outlook to me.

RGR – so are you buying copper too? Seems that they might stop using it as bullet jackets if it get’s that expensive.

They are now promoting “lead free” ammo (EPA) so I imagine they don’t care how expensive it gets, just so it is harder for the 2A folks…
We need some private lead reclaiming centers ;)

I have bought very little copper, just mildly collectible rounds that are like “Molon Labe” and DTOM, like that. These are to fill the gaps when I have so much stacking fiat, but not enough for another ounce of Silver…

What I do on a regular basis is sort pennies. I take the copper cents out of my change and sometimes I even buy rolls and sort those. I just do it by hand, a Ryedale is over $300 but prolly worth it. I thought that by the time I buy one, SHTF will come right away and that will be wasted :D

Sorting by hand is easy, everything 1981 and older, COPPER. Most 1982 cents are copper, but you must weight them or “ring test.
Bounce it on a hard surface, Copper RINGS, Zinc “thuds”. Very distinct difference.

If people want to buy copper rounds, may I suggest Big Dog Collectibles, on eBay.

Here is a link to a Copper Stacking discussion, and while I do not suggest stacking Copper as a primary, IMO it will be good to have some for “making change” for Silver transactions.

Silver makes change for Gold, as well.

Copper is easy to stack, but in a Bug-Out scenario, I would likely leave the copper behind if weight or space was a concern.

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