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this video is exactly about such words as malgus and whirl are in discussion about

with running into a group contact situation depends on two things your strength vs theirs and any force multipliers, you can only expect fairness and civility if you are the one who can enforce it period. You only have to live with your decisions after wards if you are alive to regret. dead maybe only regret they didnt act more before becoming dead. The living carry the dead with them forever both the ones that die because and in spite of your actions.

having a designated trading post and waiting area marked so people can ring bell to get service means you control the field by picking location they can pick time and you have given those who wish to talk a chance to do so while in relative safety. those coming further without using such things forfeit any obligations on your part to treat them as non hostile entities.

as for Malgus suggestion of shooting another round into a dying foe… why waste ammo knife or reusable not like you will be getting a resupply.