Aaaaand, freedom is the first to play the Kobayashi Maru card…

Free, there’s no “right” answer, if that’s what you’re looking for… there’s what you can do, what you have to do, and what you can live with…

If they’re hungry enough to come at you and you are armed, then I offer the following:

1. No matter how much food you have set back for you and yours, if they overpower you and clean you out, that food is only postponing the inevitable. They’re walking dead, and nothing you can provide them with can change that.
1a. If you choose to give them some food, this will only encourage them to come back. Only the next time, if you refuse them, they will think they are “entitled” to your stuff and will probably become violent. Payback is almost assured.
2. If you choose to shoot the ones who pose the biggest threat – usually the largest males, then you are eliminating their security and also cutting their chances of finding other food considerably. Result? See point #1.
3. If you think a big group of unarmed folks does not pose a threat, then I urge you to go find out what happened to Reginald Denny back during the 92 LA riots.. actually, ‘flash-mobbing’ is a rough equivalent of that. Large groups of unarmed, violent “youths” have taken down and killed people in recent memory…

There’s no “Right” answer, bro… there is only what you can live with. It’s a math problem so simple, you can do on a cocktail napkin. Each person needs at minimum 2000 calories to stay healthy and active. This means you have “X” food divided into “Y” people. This gives you “Z” days of food for everyone @ 2000 calories a day. Giving food away only decreases the amount available for you and yours. When you have a basement full of preps, this might not seem like much. But I’m betting your attitude will change when you’re down to your last little bit of food and you start thinking of what you gave away to folks who are probably already dead…

Edit: So, no… no “warning shots”. Burn ammo doing nothing more than making noise? That’s stupid. In the absence of the Rule of Law or any sort of government, you have to do what your conscience dictates. If you’re looking for an “out”, then have a failsafe line… posted, of course. “ANYONE CROSSING THIS POINT WILL BE FIRED UPON.”

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1