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The Lee presses can work but if you break a part (and on some of the larger ones and the progressive press – you eventually will) you must purchase a new part yourself. Same goes for the powder measure. I have broken one of their “Unbreakable” dies – the de-priming rod & pin. They made me send them a photo, but replaced it. Their dies rarely break but do not always adjust as deeply into some of the other presses as you may like. Other companies stand behind their presses and dies and replace parts. I have had RCBS send me de-priming pins, de-priming rods, taps, drill bits, etc. all just for calling in over the phone. Dillon also stands behind their products 100%. I recently wore out the lower part of the actual crank assembly on my 550B (that’s a lot of hand loading). They had a replacement part in my hands in a couple of days with some extra parts to boot. I have even called to order some small parts I had lost and had them send me the replacement for free. You get what you pay for.

I jumped from the old Lee loader to the RCBS Rockchucker press many years ago. I still have & use the single stage press. It’s good for loading when you aren’t loading hundreds of rounds in one sitting. It’s also nice to loan to you friends when they come over wanting to handload. It’s simple and easy to get them set up and leave them to their work in the garage.

Years ago a friend asked to store some of his possessions at my home while he moved. He let me set up his Dillon 550B and used it until he needed it. When he finally came calling for his stuff I refused to give him the press back until I had time to get one of my own. This happened to be a few months later as a Christmas present from my understanding wife. I never would want to be without it. I love the press and use it to load a few rounds or hundreds and hundreds. If I am loading for hunting or match purposes with rifle ammunition I still weigh each charge. If handloading for handguns or for lots of plinking ammo I set the powder measure and skip weighing each charge. It is not in the garage but in my “loading room” which is a closet that opens into my office. I can close the closet folding doors and it’s just a closet. When I open the doors it is a reloading room and it is a great way to relax for a while.