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I also wanted to add that just about every single survival forum or blog has preppers talking about how good it is to be in a rural area or farmland were you can grow your food and be away from the cities, well if the NSA is reading and recording everything that is posted online then do you think the government hasn’t started a study on what needs to be done in a SHTF to take over the rural/farmland areas? Don’t you think they already know how much storage of food some of these rural preppers have?

Open your eyes, I know that if I worked in the government I would be planning many options for the takeover of all the rural areas. You need to put your self’s in the government’s shoes, think like them. Think about what you would do if you where the government.

Please keep your minds & eyes open and put your self’s in the government’s position, think like them, what would they do in a SHTF for there future food supplies.