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.In the debate of rural vs urban survival settings I am pro rural. This is my opinion and choice because I am most comfortable among nature and have all the natural resources we need. Although I have lived in a few very large cities while hubby was in the military, I felt claustrophobic, hated sitting in traffic and all the rudeness that many city dwellers have toward each other. Just the thought of an evacuation in a city like DC sends shivers up my spine.

Out here on the “farm” we grow our own produce and raise our own meat. Our orchard has grown over the years and serves us well. Our seeds are heirloom and are propagated yearly. We have abundant water sources, wild game and fish. Fortunately we have the acreage and the man/women power to sustain us. However it is not a Utopia by any means; it is hard work and long days. We train together often using different scenario. With all the above in our arsenal I am well aware of the waves of displaced folks that will/may head our way. There will be tough times turning people away and fighting to maintain our perimeter. It is what has to be done for the good of the group. There is nothing meaner than a grandma protecting her grandbabies.

Desperate people do desperate things when they have nothing. They will use a small child, a battered woman or the very old to get inside your gates. Taking someone in after an event could lead to the spread of disease or even a huge blow to your OPSEC. My main priority is the group that has been together 10 or more years and the generations to come. With that said you still have to have alternative plans with many options.