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A collapse here will not be the same as Argentina, first Argentina has been a Socialist government for a longer time, second not everyone has a gun there, third is it was not a total collapse. I do think there is something to learn from it. It does give you an idea of how bad it will get here. I do think that there will not be many safe places here including the rural areas.

Argentina’s collapse didn’t take all the banks, financial institutions, government down, in the U. S. the collapse will make the Argentina’s collapse look like a baby. The U. S. collapse will collapse many other countries world wide, and the U. S. Dollar may not survive the collapse. Argentina’s money has survived.

I do believe that the rural areas biggest enemy is the government. The government will take over many of the farmland in a collapse.

I also agree that the .22 LR is a great weapon because 99% of the time you are trying to drive away with warning shots and the .22 LR is still the cheapest ammo for that. Keep the larger calibers for when they do not take the warning. Then use the larger calibers to shoot to kill.