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What can’t kill you these days? The whole world is immersed in fear in the moment. Don’t eat eggs! Don’t eat bacon! Don’t do this. Don’t do that. The sky is falling. Death is half-way around the next corner. Unh.

If people are stupid enough to go randomly walking around their yard stuffing things in their mouth they know nothing about; or leave their kids unattended, not having been taught not to eat random stuff in their yards or the woods?

Educate yourself, then educate your families. Even some of the most poisonous plants when ingested have serious benefits for other purposes. Like the castor plant.

Another alarmist headline in a world gone mad. Fill your mind and heart with peace and positivity or go crazy, sit and shiver in a corner in fear of all around you.

Sorry. My rant for the day. Now I’ll shut up.