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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>bushrat wrote:</div>On other prepping websites I have heard so many people giving a variety of excuses why they can’t leave the city or the suburbs. They watch the news and understand the political crises we are in right now, they see how things are going along the border, and in the large cities and suburban areas, and they know the serious situation this nation is in financially. They know it will be tough, yet they would rather give their excuses for not moving than to leave the comfort of their job, and the nice home or apartment they have scored for themselves, and go somewhere where they will have the opportunity to find small town or farm and raise a garden, store up food and water, and get ready for what they have already agreed they see coming down the road.

Bushrat I so agree. I mayself had to face this in myself. The huge change was very hard, but well worth it. The final push to make a move was thinking, ‘Well,…if you really, truly believe this self…your intuition tells you it is the thing to do…why aren’t you doing this? Are you going to follow Noah’s example and have faith in your beliefs, or ‘build the ark…oh well I’ll do that later?’ I decided to follow where whomever runs the world was quite obviously leading me.