Aluminum doesn’t cut it long term… you mean the Lee hand press?

I bought mine in 1997. Still makes outstanding ammo. Granted, I don’t load but a couple hundred, maybe a thousand rounds a year, but still…

If he could get carbide dies – a 4 die set – for a 310 tool, that would be the ticket. I don’t know of anything smaller and/or more durable than a 310 tool…

He could get a Lyman 310 tool, then contact CH4D to have some carbide dies spun up for him to fit it. I love a crimping die and highly recommend them in addition to the standard 3 die sets…


CH4D is top of the line stuff, and it don’t come cheap. But if it exists, they’ll make it for you out of the best stuff they can obtain. Their stuff will last for generations…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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