I’m not going anywhere near a city, if I can help it…

1. Cities grow and produce nothing. Everything has to be imported into a city. Food, potable water, fuel, everything has to be imported from somewhere else.
2. Cities have about a 3 day supply of what they do have.. after that, you’re suckin’… even that huge lake in New York’s Central Park? All those billions of gallons of water? It would last the citizens of NYC exactly ONE DAY before they drank it dry…
3. Cities are a giant Kill Box. Yes, it is possible to survive it. Our Selco is living proof. But it’s about playing the odds. In the city, the odds are against you.
4. Goes to the Kill Box, but in a fair sized city, you would need virtually a small army to keep complete security and defense 100% of the time… example: for one guard post to be manned 24/7, you need at a minimum 3 people. One on duty for 12 hours, one off duty for 12 hours and one relief man.


Best case scenario would be to screen the newcomers for useful skills. Doctors. Nurses. Dentists. Engineers. Chemists. Carpenters. Even farmers. Folks to skip? I’m showing my bias, but: Lawyers, anyone involved in government, non-Americans, etc..

They might close ranks – take all of us or none of us – and in that case, then take none. If you take everyone with a sob story, you will get picked clean in a very short period of time… don’t forget that they just might be faking it. Most folks like that have seen the shows and know the lingo… they could have easily waylaid a genuine group, took their stuff and are trying to fool you into accepting them and/or drop your guard…

I know it sucks thinking like that, but you’re going to have to suspect everyone who isn’t part of your group… at least at first.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1