I believe Selco’s points are well made. In fact, I admit I am somewhat biased on this point, and that’s why I am where I am. Because I believe the rural areas will be more suited for survival whatever crises is ahead of us. A better opportunity to resupply water & food. The probability of some game, if even for a short time. The chance to have a garden, and access to the local wild plant population.

But regardless of whether you are in an urban or rural area, the same concerns will rear their ugly head. Water, food, shelter, and security will always be over-riding concerns for everyone. And I know this probably sounds a bit cold (and I’m sorry for that), but Isabel has a valid point. We have worked hard building what we have, and cannot allow anyone to just wander in and put our family and friends lives in jeopardy just because they were too lazy or not smart enough to prepare for their own.

On other prepping websites I have heard so many people giving a variety of excuses why they can’t leave the city or the suburbs. They watch the news and understand the political crises we are in right now, they see how things are going along the border, and in the large cities and suburban areas, and they know the serious situation this nation is in financially. They know it will be tough, yet they would rather give their excuses for not moving than to leave the comfort of their job, and the nice home or apartment they have scored for themselves, and go somewhere where they will have the opportunity to find small town or farm and raise a garden, store up food and water, and get ready for what they have already agreed they see coming down the road.

And this is people that already call themselves preppers. And what do many of them plan to do? They plan to BUG OUT! Bug out to where? To our communities? To our homes? I don’t think so. Imagine what it will be like with those that have never prepped a day in their lives?

As far as I am concerned, if they lived in the city when things go down the toilet, then that was their decision. We are already prepped for family & friends we want around, and would prefer not to be burdened with a bunch of people that should have known better, but didn’t care until it was too late. They will more than likely have no supplies, no weapons, no skills, and, obviously, not a lick of common sense. And there will be little opportunity from their perspective to develop relationships built on trust. In short, they’re out of luck.