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Respectfully disagree. Marx and Engels publicly espoused “reaching across racial lines”, but in their private correspondence, they disparaged anyone who wasn’t them. They were well aware that racial solidarity empowered people, and since communism cannot and will not tolerate sharing power with anyone, by default they have to “reach across racial lines”. Publicly they preach egalitarianism. Privately, they’re elitist snobs as bad as any monarch in human history. Liars and phonies to a man.

The hypocrisy of communism is breathtaking. “Reaching across racial lines” is about the best euphemism I’ve heard for using “anti-racism” as a weapon to keep people from tribing up for their own best interests and common defense.

The ANC is closely allied with the SACP, going all the way back to the early days in the 1950′s with Joe Slovo… There’s few individuals I loathe on this planet. Slovo was one of them. Him, the SACP, the ANC, Mandela and the MK were and are all in bed together… while it might not be textbook classical Communism, it’s close enough for me. Close enough that a good old fashioned application of Rule 7.62 is needed.

While I understand your hate for the ANC, and can very well understand why you would call them communist (especially considering all the aid they received from Cuba and the USSR), I would also like to respectfully disagree and provide a counterpoint.

No doubt a lot of self proclaimed “communists” are hypocrites, but I still don’t think the ANC fully counts. I think here I will break it down:

1. The modern, post 1960’s left wing we deal with in the western world is what would be called *cultural* Marxism. They are a little different. They attempt to apply Marxist methodology to *cultural* as opposed to economic issues. The pre 1960’s left was not as radical in a social sense as they are today.

2. The SACP used to have banners back in the 1920s along the lines of “WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE FOR A WHITE SOUTH AFRICA.” http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/Apartheid.html (about midway down)
Certainly, they may have evolved in later years into the typical leftist social nonsense we deal with today, but at the outset the thinking was different, and reflected more original Marxism.

3. My family used to live in the worlds biggest socialist state. Even the watered down “in practice” socialism of the USSR would have never tolerated this kind of thuggery and violence against it’s own citizens. It was generally clear in the USSR that attacks on ethnic Russians (or, anyone, really) would be met with a brutal response.

I don’t think the “close enough” label always helps us necessarily. I think the more we can pinpoint what we don’t like, the more we can disassemble it and help destroy it.

That’s my $.02 at any rate.