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Interesting views, Bogatyr, I have a question for you. What big invention has the Chinese invented in the last five or ten years(product) like iPhone, so on. They only make what others invent. Also who made China what it is today? It was the openning of trade with the U. S. A. the largest consumers in the world. In China or Russia how many times do they buy a t-shirt? In the U. S. A. we but one every time there is an event. Do you know that I have new pants in my closet that still have a tag with the price I paid. I buy just because I like the item, in Russia and China they buy because they need the product.

The sales in China and Russia in products are still not equal to the U. S. A. There is no country in the world that has the consumer base that is in the U. S. A. so if the U. S.A. collapses China may keep going BUT it will never be what it was, never find the consumers.