Google can do whatever it wants… not like I give a ****. Google is run by a bunch of anti-free-speech Commies. Other sites I’m on have had Google try to leverage them because they don’t like the message… “Violation of Terms of Service” is the usual weasel-speak. Translation: “We don’t like what you’re saying, so even though we’re technically “pro-free-speech”, we’re actually “pro-OUR-speech”… and that don’t include you.”

It won’t stop the signal. People will find and buy what they want/need, Google ads be damned. Google pulling/banning all firearms-related ads is just like some kid holding their breath or stamping their foot like a little *****… ultimately, it will have ZERO effect on what we buy and is actually kind of funny…

Google can kiss my fat ass…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1