I read the report, looking for your maroon SUV.

Modern SUV’s are not bullet resistant. In fact, the steel is pretty danged thin. They’re pretty bullet transparent. That said, a shotgun running buckshot at close range will make oblong, raggedy holes like that. There’s 4 of them in a line – someone – a Bad Guy? – walking rounds down the side of the vehicle to nail the guy ducking beneath the window… Those are “innies” – made by something outside heading inside. The hole in the door is an “outie” – something heading the other way. See how the steel is peeled back like flower petals? Biggest thing I saw in that report was a 40mm grenade launcher – not the actual launcher, but one of the rounds. So, they either had a 203 or an M79, but neither was recovered. An 40mm HE round hitting a sheet steel car door makes a gawdawful mess – it would have just blew the **** out of the vehicle, blew the windows out, pushed part of the roof up, etc… way worse than what made them 4 oblong holes under the window on the maroon SUV.

I shall try to assuage your worry with a short, but very true, story…

Back in WWI, we sent over a million guys to fight in Europe. Those were the days when anyone could pick up a battlefield trophy and send it home. Hundreds of thousands of guys sent back fully automatic weapons, complete with transit chests, M-TOE, tools… and they were put up in attics and basements…

When the Feds came along with their shitty little “tax” in 1934, exactly ONE fully automatic weapon was registered that year. By the 1960’s/70’s, the entire database of Class 3 owners could be held comfortably on one Rolodex. Even though the Feds have had a couple ‘amnesties’ since then, nobody has really gone out of their way to dig out those old war-horses.

Which means that across the country, there are hundreds of thousands of tripod mounted, belt fed, water cooled HMG’s of various make squirreled away in attics and basements… little talked about family secrets, thanks to Great Uncle Joe or Great Grandpa… the Feds know they’re out there… somewhere – they’re stupid, but not that stupid..

So there’s hope. Things go shitty, I think we’re gonna see a lot of hardware that hasn’t seen the light of day in a hundred years… just because it’s old don’t mean it’s useless. :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1