“Augmenting your supplies, adding to them, that’s one thing, but planning to gather what you need? Bad idea.” – Whirl

Every insurgency/guerrilla war that has been fought has “taxed” the locals to support their efforts. Whether the supplies were willingly given or extorted is not important – what is important, is that the lightfighters got what they needed from the locals. Granted, it might not have been much, but it was more than what they had before.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Vietnamese use our own weapons, etc, against us during Nam? Same with the Afghans. Word is, they got Stingers now. And US helicopters, tanks, HUMMVs… Now, where do you think they got them? Fact is, the Afghans took Soviet weapons from dead Soviets, reverse engineered them and made more… then took those cave-made AK clones and smacked the **** out of the Soviets with them…

There’s always something to be gained by stripping your opponent… food, clothing, cartridges, medical supplies, even a lowly canteen of water or a pair of toenail clippers… I’m not going to count on such things, but I know it will happen. And then I will capitalize on it.

Edit: The IED’s that so damaged us, they were made from recycled artillery shells. Artillery shells left over from the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and also from the Iraq/Iran war… scoop out the semtex or RDX and cobble together something nasty… a 105 round will reduce a house to individual house atoms… combine 10 or so together? ohhhhhh… nasty…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1