Selco does have a point…

Shutting down an entire country is difficult at best, impossible at worst…

100 years ago, anyone wanting to come into the US was checked over by a physician. If you looked sick, you went into isolation, where one of two things happened – 1. nothing, and then you were let in, or 2. you were really sick and you ended up dead.

During the Black Death, cargo ships coming to Italy were told to wait for a month. Again, either nothing happened and then you were let in, or everyone ended up dead and the boat was burned.

Of course, if we actually tried to stop illegal invaders or sickies from a certain country from getting into the US, the United Nations would probably crab and ***** about some bullshit made-up “human right” to go anywhere and infect everyone…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1