Well, there’s the approach load and the fighting load…

The approach load is all the stuff you need for day to day survival, and all that that means. The fighting load is what’s left after you dump what you don’t need. If you’ve got a vehicle, you’ve got a bigger pile of support stuff – but there’s drawbacks as well.

Ounces equals pounds. As a lightfighter, I would dump anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t mind carrying a couple extra mags, but extra ammo? I cannot remember anyone, including me, ever having the time to reload a magazine when in a scrape. Having an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) would be okay, but also having a team member be your dedicated medic would be better. “Extra” would be the responsibility of the medic.

If we were going to be operating in a certain area for the forseeable future, I would cache stuff instead of humping it around. I always hated getting extra junk hung on me because I was a big guy. “You’re strong. What are you complaining about? You too puny to handle this bit of extra stuff?” Yeah, and that extra crap (strong + being the FNG = you get to be the assistant gunner. That means a boatload of extra stuff to hump around) slowed me down and took its toll.. instead of moving fast, you end up lumbering around with everyone else’s ****… and no matter how strack you are, that weight will wear you down.

One thing you might want to consider is calories. Someone humping extra crap, like an A-gunner, burns in excess of 4,000 calories a day depending on terrain, mission, etc. In a SHTF episode, will we have access to the resources necessary to keep the operational tempo going at 100%? Meaning: will we have the eats to keep everyone going at maximum effort? I think not. Granola bars and iron rations won’t cut it. In a SHTF scenario, your caloric intake will be considerably less. And in the scenario you described, chances are whatever Little Band of Paratroopers you happen to put together will be living off of whatever they can scrounge, assets put aside earlier and cached, or support from sympathetic locals… you won’t have regular logistical support being helicoptered in. And if the locals are hurting, then that means you will be too… there’s what you can take off of your opponents, but that’s not a guarantee.. they might be eating worse than you.

There’s a lot to consider… go light and fast and you might get caught without something. Go heavy and slow and you end up sucking hind tit…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1