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“A few weeks ago, Brittany Crippen said she tried to enlist in the Army, only to learn that a tattoo of a fish on the back of her neck disqualified her. Determined to join, the 19-year-old college student visited a second recruiting center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was rejected again. “

Poor little Brittany… betcha little Brittany has a tramp stamp as well as that dumb fish tattoo. Yeah, we all make mistakes when we’re young, but seriously – who wants an army made up of a bunch of folks that look like gang-banging dirtbags? Staples in their face, bolts and ****, and then those huge ear things… look like a bunch of damn barbarians… I got exactly ONE tattoo – a set of Airborne Wings on my left shoulder. That’s it. And I earned it. Stuff like that is okay.. but all this “tribal” bullshit? Bleah…

Combined with the feminization of our males and, well… we’re screwed. The warfighter that made America feared and revered the world over is long gone… all we have left to pick from is lesser stock… no wonder we’re being laughed at. The only thing we have left is our technological edge – and droning folks from 20,000 feet is a little ***** way to fight a war…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1