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Thanks Roadracer, I know that some are capable of going it alone come TEOTWAWKI but most of us can’t, me included. It is why I bought a place in a sort of hamlet rather than in an isolated location. It is also why I have worked to establish myself as someone who can be part of the solution with something to contribute. The farmers in the neighborhood are experts in ways I will never be but me having a large veggie garden and fruit trees adds to the potential food production in the neighborhood. My knowing how to can and being very well supplied in terms of canning jars, extra lids etc will make me useful, as will my apple press. My having stockpiled seeds & related supplies can get gardens started all over the neighborhood. Of course the neighbors don’t know that I’m a prepper with a rather full basement but they can see the greenhouse we built and likely have noticed the hand pump we added to our well. I make really good bread in dutch ovens and though I only make bread sporadically when the mood moves me I have given dozens of loaves away as little gifts to neighbors and folks I meet. They like it when I say I’ll bring bread to cookouts. I’ve given away fresh stuff from my garden and also things I’ve canned, and received similar from others in the neighborhood. I’m not a hunter and likely won’t be at this stage of the game but many of the guys around here do hunt, and so I’ve said feel free to hunt in my woods. The ones that grew up here know my land better than I do. I’m not a fisherman either and don’t really plan to take it up, but I’ve told a few to feel free to fish in my pond. I’m convinced that anyone can make themselves useful if they choose to do so, but the time to establish one’s usefulness is before the storm hits.