Thank you, sir..

All the axe heads – and the mattock head – will need to be sand- or bead-blasted to get rid of 80 years of scale and rust, but the edges are intact. Two will have to be rehafted, but no bigs… well, okay, some bigs… One of the cruiser axes will need to be rehafted. Nobody I know is making handles for cruiser axes, sooo…. guess I gots to start lookin’ huh?

Still, I betcha someone out there is making them… they’re too good to just leave to rot.

To get an idea of scale, the larger axes in this collection (not mine) are felling axes. The smaller ones at positions #2 and #5 are cruiser axes. You can see how much smaller they are. Everything is downsized, but other than that, they’re identical to their bigger brothers… they’re not toys by a long shot.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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