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I agree it’s going to happen. Not sure if fast or slow, but I am leaning to slow. Politicians will continue to lie and manipulate data up to the very end. I hesitate to discuss tariffs. Most trade wars become shooting wars. I do not have confidence that the President will hold back on pushing the button, especially if he’s cornered. There have been three modern Presidents that I feared would not leave office no matter if there was an election or not. They are, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and the present occupant of the White House.

Mountain Biker: Way to set a great example. If all preppers acted like you do I’m sure the general population would be more welcoming to our message. Helping your neighbors is never a bad investment. Even if one turns out to be jerk, most others will recognize the good intentions. And if the SHTF in a serious way, many may look to you for leadership. Then you can help direct the pitchforks.