Thank you very much Malgus for covering this news from my “backyard”.

Interesting article, with some good points.

Lot of things may be written here about event alone (assassination), but it would deserve going in way to complicated local history (and mythology too)

I agree that event alone was something that triggered( or marked) events that still ruling with world nations.
Here on local level, it is still unclear who was who, who was hero or murderer or similar.
For example assassin is considered terrorist in one region, but some 20 km from the place there are monuments built in his name, and he is celebrated as a freedom fighter, and hero.

But Balkan is just way confusing even for us, and here is always smart to keep your mouth shut if you do not know who is around you, or somebody may smash your head over the event that happened 100 years ago, even now in peace time.

And in wars here, people being killed by thousands in the name of events that are so far in history that actually nobody know for sure what happened.