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Whereas the Zerohedge article talked about the 1%, the issue really extends much further down the economic ladder to just the middling rich or even upper middle class, especially in urban & suburban areas where those with money segregate themselves from the working class and poor. I can see those anonymous folks in their McMansions being “them” vs “us” to the disaffected masses. In more rural and small towns, the affluent usually aren’t anonymous, and to the extent that they are regular folks and not complete snobs and a$$holes, they likely won’t suffer the fate of the anonymous “them” in urban/suburban areas.

By way of example, while I don’t consider myself rich I know that I have far more than most people do. When we bought our BOL we paid twice what the average home around here costs for a place in great need of repair and renovation, and immediately began some very visible and major renovations. That in combination with our being from MA and it being a second home and I might as well have worn a label on my forehead saying “rich out-of-stater”. It then came as a surprise to the locals when they saw me personally endlessly working on the house and property doing as much as I could. “Rich out-of-staters” don’t do that kind of work, nor do they help neighbors with the haying, come over with a chainsaw to cut limbs, or a log splitter to help split wood, Or sit around a campfire drinking beer with them, or talking about veggie gardens and canning with them. Yes my place is bigger and nicer than most and they know that I’m not poor but I’m not anonymous and have been accepted as a member of the community. I don’t expect there will be pitchforks coming in my direction.