Timex still makes a plain old green wind-up patrol watch. Pretty simple. Used one for years. The hands/dial are not self-luminous (tritium) but they have that glow-in-the-dark paint on them that remains visible for a long time, especially if you have NOD’s/NVG’s on…

Mantle clocks. Good manufacturer was Seth Thomas. Made clocks for damn near ever. Some are more elaborate than others, but I’ve always liked the windup mantle clocks from the 20’s and 30’s. Some came that chimed on the hour. Some on the half hour and hour. Some chimed every 15 minutes. They’re all over FeeBay and one in good shape/restored is a couple hundred bucks. Modern windup mantle clocks are still made, but the good ones run almost a grand.

Or, you could always make your own. There’s loads of folks out there selling blueprints for wooden geared counterweight clocks you hang on the wall. An internet search will yield you several folks selling them.

Here… over 700 Seth Thomas clocks.. some more elaborate than others, but a plain old mantel clock should do ya fine..


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