Roadracer, a financial collapse in the U. S. will take the world down. I have said this many times here that China will not have anyone that will buy there products. Russia will do better since it has natural resources that it will be able to sell for food or gold.

Once the dollar collapses to the point of 5 to 10 cents for the dollar value the U. S. will just pay off China debt for pennies.

Russia is also prepared to be isolated, it won’t bother them as much. Overall I dont think its even still a question are we in a slow collapse… because we clearly are. If you look at economic facts and figures the wealth growth of the elite is what makes some numbers look positive.

The middle class gets poor, the poor people stay poor and rich guys are getting richer at a rapid speed. Its very shortsighted of the elite to keep steering everything that way but from talking to some pretty powerful and rich people who also come from old money a lot of them live in reality distortion fields.

They will be surprised what waits for them at the end of the road we are heading down now.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")