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I’ve played around with make-shift weapons for quite some time now. Not from a survivalist/prepper point of view but if you’re interested in both history and combat, and also happens to like to construct things it sort of becomes a general interest after a while. But sure, creativity or other people’s experiences plus the ability to use and work with very scarce materials and few tools is probably a very good defense system in itself in most situations.

I’ve studied alot of make-shift constructions tied to various groups of rebels around the world, and through history. Sometimes it’s fun to follow an invention through time, like how the Molotov cocktail was invented by the Finnish soldiers to battle tank crews during the Winter War against the Soviets. And how petrol soaked rags and glas bottles then morphed into fire bombs with battery ignitions and dual chambers in today’s Syria.

I’m most fond of low tech projectile weapons though. Especially slingshots, slings and crossbows. Although some of them, like medieval staff slings where used in combat (I’ve created several of these and used them quite alot, and I can see why) most of these weapons are for hunting. When it comes to slingshots and slings we’re obviously talking small game like birds, squirrels, probably also cats, rodents and definately rabbits. Rabbits in particular are extremely easy to get close to around here, at least close enough to ensure that the cal .38 stainless steel round you fire at it will put some meat in your pot if it makes contact.

I’m currently experimenting with converting a hunting slingshot into a slingbow using a whisker bisquit of some kind. A whisker bisquit is essentally a device for placing and lining up an arrow when using a modern compound bow. The idea for me is to use some kind of device to ensure correct lineup between arrow, bands and the frame, I might use some kind of metal rest instead, we’ll see. But to sum things up, a slingbow is a slingshot that fires regular hunting arrows. I’ve seen guys take out deer with these things so I know they work, at least in theory.

I’m currently experimenting on Black Widows from Barnett and I do it to get an idea of what it feels like without having to invest alot of money. When I can attach some kind of whisker bisquit or similar device sturdy enough I will find a suitable place and fire some commercial (and possibly home made) hunting arrows at various things. If it feels like it could actually be something I’ll invest in a HFX Quick Bow or similar “professional” quality hunting slingshot. I carry a telescopic baton for personal protection but due to their extremely compact size, low maintenance, low cost and almost non-existing weight I’d probably add a good huntingslingshotto my BOB – if they work.

Actually, I think I’ll make a separate thread on this project soon, I’m expecting two new Widows in the mail any day soon and I’ll document the conversion process and trials if anyone is interested :)

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