Israel will never let an Islamic Nation to stretch all of North Africa.

Im not sure how well they are prepared to prevent this. Right now it looks like most of the countries in this area turn to more fundamental islamic governments. The Arab spring didnt bring much good for Egypt or Libya either. The problem is and will be that poverty and desperation makes people more radical and unites them to fight a common enemy (the western world).

Education and a socially stable environment would be the best thing that could come to these countries and the best thing to keep the western world safe from attempts to spread terror. It’s unlikely that this will happen and I believe the whole area will continue to become an even bigger breeding ground for terrorists in the next years.

Top Iraqi General says America left without equipping his Army so it could win. Then a shot of ISIS troops driving US made equipment and using US made weapons that the Iraqi Army dropped when they ran!
Think I will double that order of candles and canning.

This could be also: Iraqi General wants some more money he can pretend to spend on equipment, but in reality goes into his and his cronies pockets…

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")