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I sometimes do not understand why they think that a system like Socialism or Communism can work. I promotes people to live off the government and not work and the ones that have a union job can’t be fired if they do not work. Businesses run from this. 10 years ago I did some business in France bring to the U. S. Limoges porcelain.

I got an order from the U. S. for 200 porcelain pieces of the same ones. I went to Limoges France to place my order and the owner told me sorry but I can’t make them for you in 6 weeks, this will take 12 months. I said WHAT! He got me by the arm and had me go to his office, there he said if I hire more employes I will not be able to fire them after I complete your order so I can’t hire anyone.

Then he tells me that every time he hires anyone there is a 4 week time period were he is able to fire someone. But he says that every time he has hired someone the first four weeks they work great and after that they just sit around and do just a small amount of work. So he can’t grow his business even if he gets more orders. That is Socialism.