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Rural areas have many great thing about there location. It all depends on what SHTF situation happens. If it’s an Financial/Economical Collapse then the rural/farmlands will have big problems since even if the grid goes down cars and trucks still work so the cities will head to the rural areas for food. There would be so many it would overrun all the rural areas.
If it is an EMP then this would be much harder since they would have to have a pre-1970’s car, truck or bike.

I see the dollar going down very fast in a collapse and the electric companies turning off the electricity since they can’t pay for the oil they runs them. This would be a large problem for all the rural areas. The cities would be a war zone but since it is a war zone and everyone has one or two cats or trucks at there house that will jump in there cars and drive to rural areas to get away from the cities. That means about 50 to 100 million people going to rural areas looking for food. Not a good thing.