Great discussion, lots of good points by everyone. It all comes down to what you prepare for and what fits into your lifestyle. I think some people come to prepping and survival because they are really scared when they realize how fragile the whole system is and then it makes sense to want to know “the best answers”.

The problem is of course there are no best answers. It all depends. We build our homestead because we like it anyway and that we are able to grow our own food is something we want to do right now and not just for a collapse sometime in the future.

In terms of security I think the best protection is to be away from areas with many bad guys. What we see in the district where our homestead is, is that there is little to no crime because all criminals go to the next bigger city.

Im just guessing here, but even in a slow grind / collapse scenario the crime rate should go up in cities first. The criminals would just get back to the countryside if cities lack interesting targets.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")