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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Whirlibird wrote:</div>I’m not saying that FerFAL is the only one correct, nor am I saying total collapse is the only threat or problem.

Oh I know that Whirlibird! And I do appreciate the video as well. I had heard and probably read some of Ferfal’s stuff too at one point. He just seemed to make some blanket statements or inferences that I think, for someone in his position where so many people are looking to him for ‘answers’, not always able or willing to clearly just digest the viewpoint and then think for themselves, he could have been a bit more careful in his statements. Frightened or nervous people often seem to sometimes take stuff someone they believe knows more than they do as gospel. Sad to say. I was drawn to Selco’s site and his course, principally because he frankly states that this is just what he can say from what he went through and he himself is still learning/digesting stuff/others views even now.

The issuing of keeping one foot in both worlds is something that is rarely talked about by people who prepare for various future scenarios with some unknown time frame. It can be such a difficult path to walk,and achieve balance. I wish someone, maybe Selco?, would address this more – talk about it more to people – especially people who have only recently been jolted into looking around, thinking ahead and popping their head out of the sand. It can be a daunting, overwhelming, scarey place to find yourself.

The reason I posted the link to Chris Martenson’s video on Peak Prosperity was 1) I am a positive person by nature so always appreciate when something starts with that intention but more, 2) because of the simple way he explains for people about exponential curves. I can not for the life of me recall the law of physics that relates to this and he doesn’t bring it up (ha – mention physics and that scares the crap out of people alone!). Anyway, you have spoken about the ‘slow grind’ before. I totally agree – BUT, I see the signs of ‘quickening’ all around me – in so many spheres – it can not be ignored – for me. It is the exponential curve (he likens it to a hockey stick in shape) that does account for this (as does the darn law of physics I can’t remember!).

If life has taught me one thing it is that everything changes – nothing stays the same for any length of time. And, since one of the laws of physics that Einstein proved was that time, itself, is relative….what may appear to be a very long, slow grind…will nonetheless, – change. Chris believes the exponential curve effect accounts for the ‘quickening’ of events on so many levels in the world we see today. So, for me myself, this struck a nerve with me and explained so much. I like to delude myself that I am a practical, logical mind. Ipersonally do believe that the slow grind will blow up eventuallly much faster and quicker than people may expect because they are used to it going on and on. the relativity thing at work. That is not going to be much fun.

Mr. Tappan did a great service for many people – and his work still does. I think people that are able to look into the future and ‘see the sights’ have the biggest problem of all in keeping a foot in the day to day – the future is just much more clear and real to them. Buckminster Fuller was another such mind I can think of.

Anyway…break over…back to work. Thanks Whirlibird. Always enjoy your posts!