Tweva, I agree with you on many levels here.

As I recall Tappan had health issues that led to the problems you listed. He took a roll and came up snake eyes.
But he was also betting on eminent collapse all those years ago, which hasn’t happened. Just the slow grind.

I’m not saying that FerFAL is the only one correct, nor am I saying total collapse is the only threat or problem.
I take what everyone says, look at it objectively and go from there.
Our host Selco puts forth a great deal of information, which should be digested carefully.
But so does FerFAL, so does Ragnar Benson, so did Tappan, they were and are all products of their experiences. As are we all.

Some only like to see the worst case scenario, planning for that and neglecting to live today. Would I like to have a fully stocked BOL? Of course. But while I’m selling one house and buying another, that’s not gonna happen. A travel trailer to bug-out in may happen fairly soon, but that only covers certain situations. The plus? We like to camp.

Everyone seems to be so focused on the total collapse, what may happen that they seem to be ignoring what is happening and has been happening for decades.

I know, I used to be the same way. Then it hit me one day, my money was worth less, I was getting farther and farther behind, it wasn’t adding up, literally.

While I can rub two dry words together and have a fire, that doesn’t make the mortgage payment. It doesn’t keep the bank from taking the farm before the total collapse happens. One has to live today as well as after.

Even Selco survived, much to our benefit, that year in hell. But it did improve eventually even there. A reasonable facsimile of normal life returned. Same as after the Great Depression. Same as after the wars.

Where the opposite is true, is zimbabwe, and South Africa for example. Short term plans, a couple months or even years of food are hardly enough for the decades of grind suffered.

Once so far down the rabbit hole, it is nigh on impossible to crawl out. Especially when you have nothing left.

As I said, before I rambled or maybe during, or perhaps in a previous post, we have to plan for what is happening not just our pet dream/nightmare/fantasy.