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another type radio communication are Handy Talky ( can be FM,UHF,VHF ), walky talky, SW transmitter or homemade transceiver ( can be any band / freq ).
each type has own advantages also limitation, such as :
– if we have group of people in our community that it’s location are not far each other ( not more than 5 km ), than handy talky or UHF/VHF transceiver especially mobile are cheap and effective ( 20-30% of member can afford to have it ). also this kind of radio communication are effective if we want to evacuate / make a mobile convoy ( big ham transceiver are not easy to deploy from home to car and back to “home” / “camp”
– SW transceiver have tenth to hundred of kilometer of range ( if we have 30 meter antenna, we can reach other country or continent ). why SW band transceiver have this capability ? because our earth ionosfer can reflecting our SW radio signal ( FM, UHF, VHF signal are going through ionosfere and loss in outer space ) . but one of it’s disadvantages are poor quality of signal / voice ( compared to FM or UHF / VHF transceiver ).
– homemade transceiver can be set in freq out of public or even special purpose ( we can make 1 MHz, 30 MHz, 50 MHz or even 200 KHz transceiver ( it’s sound crazy but can be solution for “privacy”, because maybe nobody are using this freq )


– if we want to transmit our massage for public audience / community than we must choose existing radio band ( AM/FM ) which lot of people are have some form of AM/FM receiver ( in SHTF or post SHTF we are free to use this “commercial” band because existing AM/FM radio station are most of them are heavy damage or out of business.