Who he is is Fernando Aguirre. Aka FerFAL.
He literally wrote the book on the Argentine collapse.

Looking back through history, one can also see that he has been correct,
Mel Tappan, the father of the survivalist movement died on his farm/ranch because he was too far from a hospital.

Everyone seems to be somehow ending up at the worst case scenario, total collapse. But what happens if it doesnt happen as such, but the slow grind continues?

Looking at South Africa which was previously mentioned, as well as in the video, one can see how those farms and isolated locations become deathtraps.

The same is happening in zimbabwe, has been for decades.

Throughout history when the going got tough, many went to the cities, because you still need money in everything short of total collapse to survive. And the cities had jobs that the sticks didn’t.

I’m not saying that the city is better than the sticks, but depending on the situation, it may well be. And until the worst happens, there isn’t a one of us who doesn’t need to do something to get by and to do that, one at least has to get things from and to the city at a minimum.