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Pretty good video and a lot to consider. To be close to a hospital is normally to be in a high population center. There are always so many bad people in a high population center. Also many do not want to believe it but FEMA and HLS have plans in place here in the USA. The first people collected and bused to relocation centers (work camps) will be from high population centers. I think this itself is a threat. A regulation was passed not too long ago where FEMA gave itself the power to collect all the food for redistribution and to leave you with only a 3 days supply for your family. This is a socialist idea where the people who have not prepared themselves in life or for disaster can take a share from people who worked hard and planned. If I skip vacations with my family for 10 years and have a 5 year supply of food packed away, FEMA can take all my food and leave my family with a 3 day supply. I have to share with the same people who lived the good life and took vacations and drove fancy cars while my family was more frugal with our assets. I don’t know exactly how FEMA will perform it’s mission but if I was trying to achieve their goals, I would let the situation get out of hand for weeks and let the mobs kills each other and let the crazies do horrible things to good people. I would then arrive and tell everyone I was there to take them to a safe place with food and warmth and shelter provided. How many people would fight against that and how many parents would not jump at the chance to save themselves and their children. I think these camps would be little more than prisons with people having to meet work quotas and I think there will be many sickos and bullies running everything. I never would have thought my government was capable of these things until the events of the past few years and the shift in the political situation. It will not be safe in the population centers and it will not be safe on the homesteads. I think it will be hard for good people to trust and work together but I do NOT think it will be hard for gangs and criminals and sickos and wanna be warlords to work together. It would be better for small townships to have a plan and that still does not protect them from how large some of the gangs will get or from our own government agencies.