Technical manuals offer no escape? Let your mind flow.. use what’s in the tech manuals to build new things, apply the tech to other areas… when I was in rehab, I built great, soaring machines in my mind – huge water wheels with giant gears, gristmills, sawmills, counter-weighted gates that opened upwards with a fingertip, great halls and buildings mortice and tenoned together, then crosspinned with trennels..

Of course, in building things – what I do to keep my morale up – the scale of the things I build is much more modest. But the tech is the same. Example: The Japanese – whom I respect for their innovative and creative methods – created something called “Hell’s Wedge”. It is a mortice and tenoned joint that uses no crosspins or nails and, once assembled, cannot be disassembled. It must be cut apart. I’ve used it several times in making things… it bears a passing resemblance to the Roman wedge shaped mortice that they used to lift huge stones, but is executed in wood.

I find technical manuals to be a wonderful source of ideas for applying to other areas… always interesting.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1