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What I noted mentally today as working around the place:

1) zinc oxide – store it. Great sunscreen (better than the crap they sell specifically that that slides off if you sweat). Also good for diaper rash and other skin stuff

2) if you have a pond and you intend to keep it as a source of water and fish – do NOT plant cattails. In fact, if you see one starting to grow, get out your waders and a shovel and dig the darn thing up. They will take over a pond in no time and you’ll be left with a boggy mess. Yes, I know cattails are useful and edible – but grow them somewhere else far away from your pond

3) flyswatters are one of the simplest, most effective tools some smart person ever made. Something cathartic about killing those things

4) if you run out of fly strips (sticky things that hang down and flys stick to it – comes in a stubby little rolled tube), make your own. A paper clip pierced through the end of a strip of newspaper and covered in molasses with a paint brush will do – then just hang it in an open window or doorway

5) tool belts are wonderful inventions – and not just to carry some spare ammo. Without the stuff I carry in it I would waste a lot of time and forget to do a lot of the simplest things I need to get done. I’m there, the basic tool is there – I do it on the spot. I.e., clipping, trimming, nailing something back etc

6) Store: several rolls of different gauge wire. They don’t have to be big and they aren’t expensive. Amazing what you can do with it/fix with it

7) Store: several rolls of different size screening. Again – very useful especially if you grow stuff. A screen patch kit in SHTF – very useful in the country at least with the bugs

8) Store: plumbers putty. The stuff that comes in small tube, you add stuff to it and makes it mouldable to fix a leak and dries hard as a rock. Great for other stuff too.

9) BUCKETS!!! I realized today how many times a day I reach for a bucket …and how many kinds and sizes I have. Buy sturdy ones with comfortable handles or put a piece of pipe insulation over the handle for comfortable carry (comes in a small roll pre-slit with tape you remove to stick both sides together)

Ok – that’s what I thought of today – might be useful to someone.