Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Something that is a vice of mine is coffee. I’ve got a regular coffee maker, as well as one of those nifty keurigs. But, should the grid go down and I’m dependant upon my own little electric grid, I’m not going to waste the resources to run those. Instead I’ve got a simple little MSR coffee/tea filter. This bad boy just sits in a mug, with the grounds inside of it, and you pour hot water over it. Boom, cup of coffee. It’s actually big enough to make enough coffee for 3-4 people, which is also a big plus. All I need is to get hot water, which is a breeze.

I’ve also got plenty of board games, playing cards, poker sets, all rather self explanatory.

Lately I’ve also downloaded a bunch of movies and tv shows onto another hard drive I’ve got. Sure running a laptop isn’t the best way to use the electricity, but it can be important at times (plus I have 3 so I have a good few solid hours if I hop from one to another).

There are some of those solar shower bag thingies you can get, but I don’t have one. I do, however, have a few ideas on how to make one, but I doubt that I will unless I ever need to. Luckily for me, there are more sources of fresh water here than you can shake a stick at, so having a shower isn’t a drain on resources.

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