Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Well of course, 74, it’s best to not get shot haha. But you do understand where I’m coming from. Being able to save a life is a skill set that you’ll most likely have to draw upon rather than the skill set of having to take a life.

Freedom, you’re exactly right in that statement. Being able to understand different weapon systems, even if you’ve never handled one or even seen one, can be important should you ever come across it in a SHTF world. For instance, here in Canada the AK platform is a prohibited weapon. That being said, I do have book and manuals on my harddrive for said weapon, should I ever come across it in TSHTF. Same goes with many other types of weapon systems, from little pistols to rocket launchers.

Army manuals are your friend!

Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.