Mr. Red
Mr. Red

That’s the thing when it comes to arguing when weapon platform or which calibre is better, everyone has their opinions. To me, the arguments about which is superior should honestly be irrelevant, since no one wants to be shot by any sized bullet out of any specific gun. If an AK works for you, rock an AK. If you like having a .308 battle rifle, then use that. If you just want to rock a shotgun, go ahead. There is no reason to tell someone they’re wrong because they aren’t using some fancy $2000 set up, if it’s AK, AR, or otherwise.

What we *SHOULD* argue about is what best ways are there to TREAT gunshot wounds and other trauma, since in the end, that is what matters. But that’s another topic all together.

Anyway, lets just not get caught up in those pointless arguments about which things are better than others, but continue to add useful information that can actually help us should we ever have to use some of these skill sets.

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